si diablo Located in Italy, just 15 Kilometers from Maserati, 30  Kilometers from Sant’ Agata Bolognese and 35  from Maranello, emilio spare parts is right in middle of the “Terra dei motori” (Engine’s land) in Emilia Romagna, the region where they were born Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and De Tomaso.

We are passionate and owners of Italian sport cars and classic italian and british motorbikes since 2 generations and well over 30 years, our fascination with these wonderful machines started when were  children dreaming about them and never stopped. Our experience in purchasing, restoring and maintaining these amazing vehicles allow us to know where to find parts, manuals and books to make these classics  perfect and original. Over the year we also established good relationships with the best shops to make them look and run as if they had just left the factory.

Emilio spare parts  supplies original and sport exhausts for vintage and modern sport cars, from Alfa Romeo, to Ferrari, Lamborghini, De Tomaso, etc… these sport exhausts can be made according to customer’s wishes.IMG_3015

Whenever you are looking for an owner’s manual to complete your classic, for an original period sport exhaust to make it sounds like it should, or you are just looking for an hard to find item to restore it, please contact us: if we do not have the part in our stock, we will search for it for you.

Whenever you will need help in restoring a classic italian sport car, we can assist you

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