“I would like to take this opportunity to say what a wonderful service Emilio has provided me with. He has been extremely helpful, prompt and courteous in assisting me with sourcing a very difficult to find set of rear tail lights for my 308 Ferrari. Not only was he helpful, he also provided me with useful information to avoid buying from unscrupulous sources, which has subsequently proven correct. I think the basis of his service is down to the fact that Emilio is a true car enthusiast who truly wants to help the classic car hobby by sourcing and providing good quality parts to enable us to keep our cherished cars on the road in as great condition for as long as we can! It’s been a true pleasure doing business with Emilio and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing classic Italian car parts.”
Alex K.- (London UK)



For 7 years, we know each other.
As a long time Lamborghini “aficionado”, you have sourced difficult-to-find parts and items for Lamborghini collectors and became progressively a valuable source! I never forgot to forward your datas to any friend willing to buy special parts or Automobilia.”
With my best regards,
NCS – NCLUB SPORT. Lamborghini expert, historian and writer
Olivier NAMECHE (Belgium)






“Emilio, a very correct true enthusiast with lots of contacts.” A long term lamborghini owner from Holland.







“Honest. Reliable. Enthusiastic. That’s Emilio. Absolutely recommendable!” A long term LP400 owner from Germany







“Quick response, good price,great parts, I am very pleased with Emilio’s Lamborghini parts services,I will recommend him in a heartbeat!”

Luis Beltran (USA)







“Emilio, hank you for all your help these past few years in finding hard-to-find parts and original manuals for our cars!  Your expertise in old Lamborghini cars is priceless, and your prices are very reasonable.  Keep up the good job.”
Luigi S. Ballatori  (Houston, Texas)





Dealing with Emilio has been a charm and he is a great source for your Vintage Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s. On many occasions Emilio has surprised me by sourcing the parts that I want.

If your looking to restore an Italian SuperCar or getting an exhaust system, Emilio is your contact.
Mohammed (Kuwait)





“I have been doing business with Emilio for a couple of years.  He is been extremely helpful, honest, resourceful, and quick.  I have recommended him to several Lambo owners and they have all had great experiences with him.  Thank you for everything Emilio, I look forward to doing more with you. ”
Scott (USA)



“I met Emilio by looking on different websites, and finally had the great chance to meet him in person! Emilio is a fantastic person with a deep knowledge of classic Italian sportcars. His network is very wide and he can fix more or less anything one might need!”
Paolo Romano (Milano, Italy)






“Dear Emilio,
Thank you so much for helping us out with providing period NOS Ferrari parts. Running a Ferrari workshop in Australia we require original parts to complete some jobs, finding these original Ferrari parts is not as easy as living in Europe/Italy, and Emilio you have bridged the gap for my business and always provided the goods on time in the condition you have described and always been responsive to my emails and requests, thank you for your reliability and most of all your passion on Ferrari.  You have managed to locating some rare parts for my 288GTO which has helped tremendously, thank you. Grazie!  Miles Sandy” Cavallino Motorsport ( Sydney – Australia)


Tony WAG

“Hi Emilio not always easy to find certain parts for a classic Lamborghini.

Thanks for always providing the right information and products”.
WAG – Tony (South Africa)





Kieran Finn


“I needed a service book to complete my cars wallet, Dealing with Emilio has been the best online experience of my life. Thoroughly professional and patient when there were bank hiccups and my service book arrived as described, in mint condition and packaged extremely well. If Emilio has a part you require my suggestion is buy it, you will be 100% satisfied.” Kieran Finn (Singapore)





“Dealing with Emilio is always a pleasure. He is of invaluable help to find any unobtanium part as well as some very nice pieces of memorabilia too. Great to know him!” (E.M. Switzerland)







“A truly passionate Lamborghini enthusiast. Probably one of the best sources for everything Lamborghini. Easy to deal with, prompt, good prices and QUALITY parts.Emilio will be our first call for any parts or advice we need.” John Petrovic (Alberta,Canada)




I am so fortunate to have the pleasure of doing business with Emilio. I had just bought an 87 Countach and was looking for OEM wheels  and had the hardest time finding a set. I found Emilio on the internet and was I lucky. Within a few weeks Emilio found a line on a back wheel and then a month later found me a front. I now have a full set ready to be placed on “The Bull”  Emilio’s service was exceptional!!! The best part is I now have a new Lambo friend.” Constantine Andreatos ( Clifton, USA)





“An enthusiast on enthusiasts’ service. With a deep knowledge and a wide range of services, from the old brochure to the help for a restoration, Emilio always finds the way to satisfy your demand, and has always the hard to find item you were looking for…” Lorenzo  (Italy)



“I would like to thank you here for your help, friendship and your time. We know us since more than 3 years and it was always a pleasure and a joy to chat with you about our passion. Your knowledge in Lamborghini is incomprehensible and not only for business but also your enthusiasm.Remember our evenings with your friends and good italian food&vine!! Just awesome. Thank you too for sourcing alot of parts for my Lamborghinis especially for the Diablo SV which is in the following weeks ready for the street. Ciao Leo” Leopold Schwarzfurtner (Frankfurt, Germany)



“Emilio is a tremendous resource for difficult to find parts and accessories for vintage Italian cars.  He has always been fair, honest, and prompt with his service and is a great resource to the collector community.” Chris (USA)




“Three years ago I started a rolling restoration project for my LM002. It was quite a rare model for Lamborghini and very few people have in-depth knowledge about it. I met Emilio in a Web forum and he helped me a lot in finding parts, books, manuals etc. Restoring a classic Italian car ten thousand miles away is quite difficult technically and logistically. I met the right person who has the knowledge and resources. He is truly a man of his word, I recommended him to a couple of other friends who were looking for Italian car parts.
I want to say thank You to Emilio for his honest and helpful service, it has been a wonderful experience dealing with him, a genuine car guy with the passion to help other enthusiasts”. Taffy (Jakarta)

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